Master of Health Science (Genetic Counselling)*


*There will be no intake to this course in 2004.

Graduate Diploma of Genetic Counselling


Fees apply

The Graduate Diploma has been developed in consultation with the Human Genetics Society of Australasia and provides graduates with a solid base in science and counselling as well as in ethical and professional issues pertinent to practice as a genetic counsellor. This course is offered jointly by the Faculty of Health Studies and the Faculty of Arts.

Students who satisfactorily complete all eight subjects in the Graduate Diploma of Genetic Counselling may opt to continue their studies for an additional year of part-time study and complete the Master of Health Science (Genetic Counselling). The Master program involves a dissertation (and associated research methods subjects) relating to a specialist area of the student’s choice in the field of genetic counselling, using a case study or laboratory approach.

Enrolment through

Wagga Wagga Campus

Study mode

Distance education

Normal course duration

Graduate Diploma: Part-time 2 years (4 sessions)
Master degree: Part-time 1 year (2 sessions)

Admission requirements

Graduate Diploma:

Applicants must possess:

  a degree or diploma from a recognised University or College;


  a qualification deemed by the University to be equivalent to a degree or diploma;


  other academic and/or professional qualification acceptable to the University and the Human Genetics Society of Australasia.


Master degree:

Applicants must have successfully completed the Graduate Diploma of Genetic Counselling or hold other qualifications which would allow them to qualify for credit in all eight subjects in the Graduate Diploma of Genetic Counselling.


The Graduate Diploma articulates with the Master degree and is completed as the first component of the Master degree. Upon admission to the Master degree, credit of 64 points is awarded for the Graduate Diploma subjects.

Graduation requirements

To graduate, students must satisfactorily complete 64 points (eight subjects) and complete all residential school requirements for the Graduate Diploma, and 96 points (comprising the credit package of 64 points, two 16 point subjects and a 16 point dissertation) for the Master degree.

Professional recognition

Graduates from the Graduate Diploma will meet Part 1 of the accreditation requirements for the Human Genetics Society of Australasia.

Enrolment pattern

Graduate Diploma

Session 1 (Spring)

ETH403     Bioethics

BMS406    Human Reproductive Biology


Session 2 (Autumn)

WEL423    Theory & Practice of Genetic Counselling

BMS404    Cytogenetics for Genetic Counsellors


Session 3 (Spring)

WEL414    Genetic Counselling

BMS405    Human Genetic Diseases


Session 4 (Autumn)

WEL409    Grief and Loss

WEL415    Professional Issues in Genetic Counselling


Master degree

Session 1 (Spring)

BMS500    Biomedical Research Methods

BMS508    Research Proposal


Session 2 (Autumn)

BMS509    Dissertation (16 points)



Course Coordinator, Graduate Diploma of Genetic Counselling

Assoc Prof Mike Collingridge

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Telephone: (02) 6933 2563
Facsimile: (02) 6933 2792

Course Coordinator, Master of Health Science (Genetic Counselling)

Assoc Professor Lyndall Angel
School of Biomedical Sciences
Telephone: (02) 6933 2836
Facsimile: (02) 6933 2587